Tax Management & Planning

We are able to advise you on the best structure for your business from a tax perspective and are up-to-date with changes to the tax legislation. Our staff are also proficient in the latest company legislation so can advise you in all areas of compliance.

Ask us about how Tax Management New Zealand Flexitax and Tax Finance could work for you.

Flexitax (Tax Purchase)

Flexitax gives you more flexibility by letting you pay the provisional tax you owe for the current tax year or one just completed in instalments.

There are no set amounts or set payment dates.  You simply ay what you want, when you want depending on your cashflow, with TMNZ interest calculated on the core tax remaining after each payment.

Flexitax eliminates IRD late payment penalties and reduces use of money interest costs by up to 30%.

We have up until 75 days after the terminal tax date for the year to use Flexitax for you.

Tax Finance

Tax Finance allows you to defer upcoming provisional tax payments to a time that suits you, without having to worry about IRD interest and late payment penalties.

The upfront finance fee that is charged for this arrangement is less than most other traditional types of finance such as personal loans and considerably lower than the IRD interest rate for underpaid or unpaid tax.

Approval is guaranteed and the upfront fee is tax deductible.

You an choose how long you would like to defer the payment of tax up to 12 months.


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